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UE4 Megajam Entry 2018

By order of his almighty excellence, supreme leader of the state of Blankistan, Borotov Berezin Baryshnikov — You have been selected for work detail at the Department of Truth Correction. Your task is to correctly sort and destroy documents in order to preserve the integrity of the glorious state of Blankistan.

Objective —

Incinerate the evidence; remembering to archive, approve and shred specific items before the time expires. Don't drop, or incorrectly sort items or there will be consequences.

Controls —

LMB — Pickup / Interact

RMB — Drop, Hold to Throw

Middle Mouse Scroll — Zoom

R — Restart

Esc — Menu

Ctrl + 1-5 (Level select, if you really get stuck)

Gamepad inputs are also enabled but not recommended. Right Thumbstick (look), Right Shoulder (interact) and Right Trigger (Drop/Throw).

Tips —

Be quick but accurate. Creating a mess on your desk will frequently escalate your dilemma!

Memorize the objectives.  Getting good at knowing what goes where will allow you to focus on being precise with document placement.

Sometimes it's a trap. In some cases you may have to find a safe location for things to avoid them getting knocked on the floor.


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NocturnalArts_DepartmentOfTruthCorrection.zip 89 MB
Version 1.31


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This is probably gonna be a strange question, but... is there a "no bomb" option?

I mean, I know the goal of the game is to be enraging, but I was wondering if there's an option to play the levels without pressure, because I kinda like the concept; reminds me of "Papers, Please" a little, and I like that game's endless mode. It's somewhat satisfying.

That's an interesting request, but unfortunately there isn't right now. It wouldn't take much work to implement however the game jam build is locked so it will be possibly two weeks before this version can be updated. Thanks!


Got it! Thanks for the reply, best of luck!


The idea and atmosphere is really good in this game. For me the throw mechanic was really bad. Overall a fun little game.

Thanks for the feedback!