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The game just gives a fatal error.

Sorry to hear that Mika, although i'm not seeing any issues here. Could you be more specific regarding your setup and the exact error? 

Yeah sorry, I wasn't very specific. I downloaded the windows zip and unzipped it. Then I opened the TruthCorrection.exe, resulting in the error. I tried it a couple of times. Regarding my setup, I'm on a windows 10 pc. I also thought that Unreal games had a mimimum build size of 200 mb, but your build is only 90 mb.

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Thanks! The minimum viable build size is closer to 50mb with optimizations. In this game jam the target was <100mb so this game has a lot of the riff-raff removed to account for that. This shouldn't cause issues but it's one that could produce a fatal start error like that. Other causes could be a lack of supported GPU/hardware or a bad download.

Anyway, i've updated the current build to UE 4.22 and also removed some of those optimizations just in case. Confusingly the file size is now even lower, but hey! 

If you get an opportunity to try it again, i'd very much appreciate it!


Okay thanks, now the game works fine. Unfortunately the game was too difficult for me. Here's my feedback:

  • Good art, but perhaps you can remove the flickering lighting.
  • The first level is too difficult (too many items and short timer). I think the first level should allow players to get familiar with the mechanics. Then later levels ramp up the difficulty.
  • Items don't always go into the machine and sometimes they don't get destroyed while in the machine.
  • It's quite hard to pick up items that have fallen on to the floor.
  • Dynamic background music would be a great addition. So the music gets louder and faster as the bomb timer gets to zero.

Awesome! And thanks for the feedback! All good points. :)  FYI you can use Ctrl+1-5 to try later levels if you are stuck on an earlier one.

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This is probably gonna be a strange question, but... is there a "no bomb" option?

I mean, I know the goal of the game is to be enraging, but I was wondering if there's an option to play the levels without pressure, because I kinda like the concept; reminds me of "Papers, Please" a little, and I like that game's endless mode. It's somewhat satisfying.

That's an interesting request, but unfortunately there isn't right now. It wouldn't take much work to implement however the game jam build is locked so it will be possibly two weeks before this version can be updated. Thanks!


Got it! Thanks for the reply, best of luck!


The idea and atmosphere is really good in this game. For me the throw mechanic was really bad. Overall a fun little game.

Thanks for the feedback!