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UE4 Spring Jam Entry 2018

Extreme Fitness is a gym on the bleeding edge — the ultimate body transformation program! Avoid being crushed by a tank while quickly navigating a procedurally generated gym course. No pain, no gain!


Instructions —

  • Survive the procedural gym course while being chased by a tank.
  • Avoid traps, lift weights and jump or crawl through obstacles.

Controls —

A/D — Movement

Space — Jump

Ctrl — Crouch

F — Use Boost

Click + Hold — Lift Weights

Crouch + Speed — Powerslide to recover stamina

Tips —

  • Weights require you to click and hold on them using the mouse and release only after reaching the apex.
  • Only use boost when you have to and collect as many as you can; they are persistent and usable on later, harder levels.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorNocturnal Arts
GenreAction, Platformer
Tagsextreme, fitness, Tanks


NocturnalArts_ExtremeFitness.zip 88 MB

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