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UE4 Spring Jam 2020

Important —

This is a multiplayer-only game for 2-4 players.
The host will need to port forward 7777.

About —

You are an anomaly in a video signal that is fighting for dominance.  Staying still keeps you hidden in the noise (the snow) increasing heat buildup; while moving makes you more visible to other players. Shoot glitch bombs to overcharge rivals and collect rogue particles to increase the potency of your attack.

Controls —


WASD - Movement 

LMB - Fire (Hold to charge)


Left Thumbstick - Movement

X/A - Fire (Hold To Charge)

ESC - Exit 


Big thanks to Konc and Orangesherbet for their help with testing! :)


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NocturnalArts_NoSignal 50 MB
Version 10


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how do projects like these get so little attention? yet to play it with anyone but just from the menu it looks really cool. I'll report back once ive played with some people.

is this not a game, right?

No, it definitely is. It's multiplayer only though.